Pedagogical Concept

In 2012 the first Kidsfest Kids-Church started in Hohenschönhausen, Berlin. Since then, it is growing continually and is currently taking place in seven different locations on a weekly basis. The Kidsfest is especially successful in enabling everyone to be a part, feeling accepted and being involved in the program. A main focus of the Kidsfest is to communicate Christian values about God and encourage the social interaction with each other.

A more detailled description of our pedagogical concept, our goals and the steps we take to accomplish them: The pedagogical concept starts with roughly describing our model and the general conditions. It explains our goals and main points of the program with an insight into the social surroundings and structure. After that, the procedure is displayed and in connection to the goals explained in an pedagogical manner. Finally, it gives an overview over our collaboration with the parents, the team and with further educational and church institutions. How the Kidsfest solves questions to encourage bettering education, ensures quality and how to deal with cases of child hazard is portrayed in the following. Also the public relations are outlined. Finally the closing words and the imprint are given.

The goal of the educational concept is to give you an overview and background information about the work. In our program the little ones with their wants, needs and ideas are the focus.