Through an encounter with God, children receive new hope and a purpose for their lives and communities. No matter which religion, beliefs, origin, skin color or gender everyone is welcome to be part of our programs. Our beliefs can be found below:


We believe in the eternally existing triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who made all things. His love to all humans is consistent, unchanging and possible to be experienced by anybody.


We believe that Jesus Christ is God´s son. Through his death and resurrection, we can have a relationship with God and an access to eternal life.


We believe that the Bible is God´s word for us, through which he shows himself to every person. It is the foundation for our Christian living and a guide in every life decision.


We believe that salvation is only possible through grace and not through our own actions. Everyone who decides for a life with God receives it freely. This hope shows itself in the assurance that God cares for us, even in hard times.


We believe in the spiritual unity of believers. We believe that Christians are called as God´s followers and are meant to maintain good works as a testimony of their faith. It leads to a responsibility to share the message of Jesus, to invest into people in need and living a life according to Biblical standards.


We believe in the personal return of Jesus Christ and that every person who made a personal decision of faith will have eternal community with God.