The following information on transparency is based on the standards of the „Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft“ being the German Branch of Transparency International. As Hope for One e.V. we committed ourselves to present publicly the following data in the most updated form at all times.

1. Name, Address and founding year

Hope for One e.V. was founded in Berlin in 2016. The address is: Hope for One e.V., Bucher Chaussee 11a, 16341 Panketal, Germany.  Originally founded as "Kidsfest e.V." it was renamed in September 2017.

2. Full Statute and Vision

Our statute is available in German language here. Click here for our vision.

3. Tax Exemption

We are a registered German charity organization. The last exemption modest is from 14.07.2023 from the tax office for corporations, Berlin. Our tax number is 127/667/56034. We are entitled to issue donation certificates. Please see here for our most current exemption modest.

4. Name and function of key decision-makers

Chairman of the Board: Christian Peters

Board Member: Tabea Peters

5. Progress report

Our progress report is available in german language here.

6. Staff

Our projects are mainly realized by volunteers. Additionally, we have hired staff (status 01/23):

  • permanently employed: 3
  • slightly employed: 3
  • freelancers: 2
  • interns: 0
  • honorary: 15

7. Source of funds

Financial Statements 2023 in German language

8. Information about our financial uses

Financial Statements 2023 in German language

9. Connections to third persons

We currently don't have corporate law connections to third persons like outsourced suppliers or alike.

10. Names of legal entities or persons who donate more than 10% of our yearly budget

Our work is funded by donations of many legal and natural persons. However, we are especially grateful for the support from freestyle e.V., which is supporting us with more than 10% of our current yearly budget.

Hope for One e.V.