"Our Vision is that children meet God and experience hope."

Children are precious and loved by God. We meet them where they are and invest into their lives: childlike, practical and relatable. That way we can build a foundation for hope, future and a responsible live.

Core Values






What we believe

Our Believe in Jesus is the foundation and motivation for everything that we do. More...


Tabea and Christian Peters constitute the executive board of Hope for
One. In 2012, they started a children’s program on the playground of a deprived district in Berlin. Since then, Hope for One has reached over 10.000 children, trained more than 500 teachers and built at least 70 Hope Clubs with the help of its local partners. Christian and Tabea have founded various successful firms since then. Between the two of them, they have worked as an engineer, social manager, social worker and pastors in the past. Together they live in Berlin, Germany with their two sons.


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