"Counting to Zero:
We want every child to hear Gods word every week!"

Now that's a big vision. But we don't see a reason why there should be one single child that does not hear about the love and power of God every week. This is what we all work towards. Children are precious and loved by God. We meet them where they are and invest into their lives: childlike, practical and relatable. That way we can build a foundation for hope, future and a responsible live.

Core Values


LOVE ONE ANOTHER - God’s love is our motivation in all we do. The Bible builds the foundation of our action. We believe that God loves every individual and wants us to show his love by helping each other.

WORK TOGETHER - We are convinced that we can achieve more together than we can by ourselves. This is why our organization is structured horizontally and why we foster a spirit of serving others amongst our leaders, internally. Externally, we collaborate with various organizations and churches. Hope Clubs take place in close cooperation with local communities. We can only make the world a better place when we work together.

MAKE A LASTING DIFFERENCE - We enable others to effect change in their environments. All of our programs are oriented towards continuity. Instead of emphasizing large, singular events, we focus on training and empowering those who are already active locally. Those on the ground master the language and culture and will be able to foster connections with the reached families in the long-run.

What we believe

Our Believe in Jesus is the foundation and motivation for everything that we do. More...


Tabea and Christian Peters constitute the executive board of Hope for
One. In 2012, they started a children’s program on the playground of a deprived district in Berlin. Since then, Hope for One has reached over 100.000 children, trained more than 5.000 teachers and built at least 600 Hope Clubs with the help of its local partners. Christian and Tabea have founded various successful firms since then. Between the two of them, they have worked as an engineer, social manager, social worker and pastors in the past. Together they live in Berlin, Germany with their two sons.

Team Leaders

Abbigail Rioux

Curriculum & Training

Mark Winkler

Team Leader Germany

Rigoberto Vega Alvarado

Coordinator Latin America

Daniel Amouzou

Coordinator West Africa

Kalonde Kaycia Chitakwa

Coordinator Central Africa

Network & Partners

Hope for One e.V.