Hope Clubs - Reach Children

Hope Clubs are church programs for children happening locally. Hundreds of Volunteers are delivering Hope into their neighborhoods every week while being trained and empowered by us.

“Hope Club is my most favourite time of the week!”

Buakana - Lomé

„My child behaves so much better since they attend a Hope Club.“

Madame Agness - Ndola

Hope Clubs entail weekly fun, build character, and lead children to God.

“I just want to say thank you that I could get to know Jesus because of you!”

Lucas - Berlin

Hope Club Training - Empowering Churches

We believe in multiplication because there is power in standing together. That is why we made it our goal to motivate, empower and train churches to reach children in their communities.


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In this video course you learn step by step how to start a Hope Club. After passing the test you will be provided with our curriculum which contains 36 powerful lessons each year.




In five workshops we teach you how to improve your Hope Club in different areas.


In personal coaching we train the Hope Club Leaders.

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Change for One - Meet Needs

We meet concrete needs and thereby change the present in order to
inspire hope for a brighter future. We view every child holistically; they are individuals with a body, soul, and mind.


With one chicken, one rooster, and fodder, you provide a family with a chance at a steady income for just 50€. This frees them from dependency and leads them to self-responsibility.


A successful school education often fails due to a lack in materials. A backpack with school materials that last for a year can change this for 100€.


Health-related provision is a massive challenge for many parts of the world. We must begin small in order to witness large-scale change. Additionally, we teach children the importance of hygiene and equip them with the necessary utensils for just 10€.