Partnership Agreement

Note: Unless explicitly noted otherwise, this English version is provided for information purposes only and the German version shall be legally binding and decisive.

With this agreement you and Hope for One are hereby entering an open-ended partnership with the goal of providing hope for children around the world. You are automatically accepting the Child Protection Policy which can be found hereBy conducting weekly programs, referred to as Hope Clubs, we are presenting the Gospel in a fun, accessible way and believe that together, we can build a better future for children.

As partners we will support each other, proceed effectively and reach our goals by providing our best efforts on behalf of the partnership. Thank you for signing the agreement. We and our partners are committed to building God's kingdom among the children of this world. Be blessed abundantly in this precious task and may your work receive the recognition it deserves.

Hope for One Responsibilities

  • Hope for One will provide training material for evangelistic Sunday school Ministry in different languages.
  • Hope for One will provide curriculum in different languages.
  • Hope for One will provide coaching and tutoring as needed and/or requested.
  • Hope for One will pray for you and ask the Lord to guide and provide for you.
  • Hope for One will provide artwork for bulletins, artwork and office use. See details in the article “Intellectual Property”


Affiliate Responsibility as a Partner

  • The partner will run a Hope Club.
  • The partner will report the number of attendance to the Hope for One office. The affiliate partner will also have the chance to submit photo reports in the Hope for One server, at the moment this is done the reports become shared property of the Hope for One and have the right to use them in any form or platform.
  • The partner will regularly build relationship with the children and their families.
  • The partner is required to practice, adjust and assure the programs high quality  (preparing the necessary props for the lessons) and safety during the delivery of the program.
  • The partner will provide its own legal covering Liability.
  • The partner is financially independent of Hope for One e.V. and will manage its own book records according to the accounting principles and applicable law.

Both parties have the right to use each other’s logo, name and/or marks to communicate the partnership for both public or internal use. Each party reserves copyright for her own marks, logos, materials and intellectual property. Hope for One has the copyright to all data provided through and collected by the WhatsApp Channel and/or WebApp. This includes all data the users enter into the system and/or send to the System.

Appendix A: Intellectual Property

Specific Authorizations to Use Intellectual Property

  • As used herein, „Marks“ means all trademarks, service marks and corporate and brand identification and indicia, including without limitation word marks, logos and other picture marks, phrases, curriculum, composite marks, institutional images, look and feel, and identifications of each party, whether registered or not. The parties grant to each other use of their respective Mark(s) during the term of this agreement, for use solely in connection with agreement, and only in the form described and depicted in attachments of this agreement. The license to use Marks does not include the right to use or incorporate the Mark(s) in any other capacity, including collateral marketing, outreach or advertising, or as trade names or internet domain names, without prior written permission.

  • The parties acknowledge and agree that the parties own or otherwise have the exclusive right to use and to license their respective Marks. All uses of Marks by the parties, including all goodwill arising therefrom, shall inure solely to the benefit of the respective owner. A party retains all rights with respect to its Marks that are not specifically granted to another party. Each party, in its sole discretion may object to use of the Marks by another party by providing written notice to the other. A notice recipient shall have five (5) business days to cure the alleged violation identified in the notice or to reach a mutually agreed to resolution with the notice sender. If the matter is not cured or resolved to the satisfaction of the notice sender by the end of the cure period, use of the Mark(s) at issue by the notice recipient shall discontinue immediately.
  • Each party retains the right to concurrently use and license others to use its Marks anywhere in connection with any purpose


Limited License to Use of Trademarks/Tradenames/Taglines/Logos

  • All uses by one party of the other party’s Marks shall be in accordance with such quality control standards as the licensing party may promulgate from time to time, and each party agrees to refrain from all uses of a licensing party’s Marks to which the licensing party objects. All promotional literature and other materials prepared or provided by a party in connection with this agreement shall bear appropriate copyright and trademark notices as prescribed by the other party, if the other party’s content or branding is included therein. Each party agrees that it will not use, register or attempt to register in any jurisdiction, or otherwise appropriate or adopt any name, Mark or logo that is confusingly similar to the other party’s Marks. At no time during the term of the agreement or thereafter shall a Partner attack, challenge or file any application with respect any Hope for One Mark. At no time during the term of the agreement shall Hope for One attack, challenge or file any application with respect to any Partner Mark.
  • In any identification of either party pursuant to this agreement, one party shall not impair the branding or other identification of the other party, nor alter or remove any copyright, trademark or other protective notices of such other party.
  • The parties agree that, except as may be reasonably necessary, they shall not mask, frame, overlay or otherwise materially alter or affect the images, information, perception, service quality or security of the Marks.
  • All rights, licenses and privileges not expressly granted herein shall remain the sole and exclusive property of the respective parties. Except as provided in this agreement, upon the termination or expiration of this agreement (1) all rights conveyed shall cease and revert to the respective party, and (2) each party shall discontinue all use of the other’s Marks.
  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, Hope for One must review and approve in writing each proposed use of the Hope for One symbol and tagline.

Rights to Content Created in Furtherance of this Partnership

For purposes of this agreement „Background Intellectual Property“ means all rights to copyright, trademark, and to other rights owned by a party prior to the commencement of this agreement and that are used in the performance of any work under this agreement. In recognition that each party will be licensing its intellectual property in furtherance of the goals of this agreement, the following applies to each party as Licensor or Licensee, as the case may be: Licensee acknowledges and agrees that Licensor owns all rights, title and interest in the licensed Background Intellectual Property worldwide, and that Licensee shall not acquire and shall not claim rights in or till to any intellectual property adverse to Licensor. If at any time Licensee acquires (1) any rights in, or trademarks, applications or registration for, any licensed Marks, or (2) copyright ownership in any licensed works, or (3) domain names incorporating any of the licensed Marks, upon Licensor’s request and at no expense to Licensor, Licensee shall assign all such rights, applications, registrations, ownership or domain names to Licensor. Licensee’s use of the licensed items shall inure to the benefit of Licensor. Licensee may not challenge the validity of licensed Marks or assert any claim adverse to Licensor.

Hope for One e.V.